Within this post I wish to speak a bit concerning the various books and websites I’ve visited that have helped me in getting chicks.

The first site that has helped me is this site. I discovered it by looking how to get girls or some thing like that. The dude has tons of beneficial advice on how to get girls. My favourite post was about how you can meet ladies throughout the day. Actually there are a lot of great ones, how to get girls from club was really a good one.. I hate pre-written sentences and that is why his guidance has been the best for me. I know some individuals do very well with „canned“ material but it’s just not for me.

Second, youtube videos, they are amazing! I strongly suggest watching 

The guy has a really cool channel. I like it that whenever you watch the video it is not just information and that’s it. By watching the video on how you can get girls and seduce ladies I can see what’s the tonality, general vibe and all of the other stuff the „teacher“ is showing us. Role models are always required to be effective in something. Anyways, this dude makes a great role model.

And that is it. The best places I got probably the most info on ladies. In the event you don’t like it then suck it :D Naah, just kidding, I know everybody has different approach to getting girls so it is ok if you don’t share the same ideas with me.

So, this is it for this post, I’ll see you later!



Dana Linn Bailey

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